Political Phenomenon of the Russia-Ukraine War

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The article presents political analyses of the Russia-Ukraine war in the context of actual problems of contemporary international relations. The main attention is paid to political and historical aspects of the war within the process of international system’s transformation. It’s noted that the main reason of the Russia-Ukraine war is a complicated complex of circumstances and factors, first of all a conflict nature of post-soviet space and the Russia’s striving to be the dominant power in this macro region. Moreover, one of the principal reasons is totalitarian political regime that considers the application of armed forces as the most effective means of geopolitics. Furthermore, American research concepts and political positions of the “Collective West” – USA EU and NATO country-members on the war in Ukraine have been considered. Multilateral support of Ukraine and condemnation of the aggressor-state by the most counties of international community converted the Russia-Ukraine war into the core factor of global politics. It is emphasized that the victory of liberal democracy world over aggressive and totalitarian state not only possible but would contribute to resolve the urgent global problems.


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Shergin, S. (2023) “Political Phenomenon of the Russia-Ukraine War”, Problems of World History, (23), pp. 7–17. doi: 10.46869/2707-6776-2023-23-1.
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S. Shergin

Shergin Sergiy – Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine, Professor of Kyiv International University.


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