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Problems of World History” publishes scientific articles that cover fundamental and applied scientific studies of the problems of world historical process and cultural and civilizational development.

The following sections are provided: theory and methodology of world history, ancient history, history of the middle Ages, new history, modern history, Ukraine in the world, cultural and civilization process, reviews and reviews.

The scientific journal “Problems of World History” is included in the list of professional editions of Ukraine in which the results of the dissertation works for obtaining the scientific degrees of doctor and candidate of sciences in the specialty “historical sciences” can be published.

  1. According to the resolution of the Presidium of the Supreme Certifying Board of Ukraine (hereinafter referred to as the SCBU) as of January 15, 2003 7 – 05/1 “On the Tightening of Requirements for the Academic Journals Listed in the SCBU  index” and according to the National Standard of Ukraine (hereinafter referred to as NSSU) 8302:2015, only articles, which meet the following requirements and include the following elements shall be accepted:
  • The introduction should clearly pose the research question, placing the research topic and study within the context of the current research landscape;
  • The analysis of the previous research relevant to the chosen topic, which set up a basis for the current study;
  • The author should emphasize the gap in knowledge which will be filled by the present study;
  • Problem statement;
  • Results, which present collected data and analysis;
  • Conclusions and perspectives of further research of an issue.
  1. The articles shall be accepted only by e-mail: [email protected], (044) 235 44 99; (097) 946 73 75.

All submitted papers from authors not holding a degree should be accompanied by a review written by a scholar possessing a degree in a relevant area of academic studies, or an abstract of a record of the respective research department on publication specification.

We accept the Microsoft Word “doc.” files only. Font: Times New Roman. Font size: 14. Interline: 1,5. Margins: left – 3 cm, head – 2 cm, right – 1,5 cm, tail – 2 cm.

  1. The paper should include:
  • UDC identifier;
  • Article heading translated into English;
  • Summaries in Ukrainian and English (not less than 1800 – 2200 characters with spaces). The abbreviations and acronyms of any kind (apart from generally accepted) should be absent in the text of a summary;
  • Keywords in Ukrainian and English (5 – 7 words);
  • The references shall be latinizated whereas it is necessary to index the “Problems of World History” in the international databases;

Nota bene: the title of article and the summary need to be properly translated. The automatic translation is not allowed. The items in the list of literature are drawn up not in alphabetical order, but according to how they appear in the text.

  1. The sequence of elements:
  • UDC identifier (left);
  • Next line – author’s name and last name (right);
  • The title of article (with capitals, centered);
  • Summary (not less than 1800 – 2200 characters with spaces) and keywords in the language of the article;
  • a summary of the main material of the article;
  • Bibliography;

List of references (automatically numbering). The list shall meet the SCB requirements (see the SCBU Bulletin as of 2009, No.5), as well as those of the NSSU 7.1:2006 “System of Standards on Information, Librarianship and Publishing. Bibliographical Record. Bibliographical Description. General Requirements and Drafting Issues” and with those of the NSSU 8302:2015:

  • Author’s name and surname, article title, abstract, and keywords in other languages (for example, English if the article is in Ukrainian). Abstract in English (not less than 1800 – 2200 characters with spaces) and keywords 5 to 7.
  • List of references – latinizated whereas it is necessary to index the «American history and politics» in the international databases. The list shall meet the Harvard – British Standard. Use the official standard of transliteration from English language. See example at ;
  • Author’s last name, scientific degree, academic status, employer/school, summary and keywords in English (last name, scientific degree, academic status, employer/school – left justification);

Article size – 1 quire (40,000 characters with spaces).

  1. Articles written in Ukrainian, Russian and English shall be accepted.

The Editorial Board does not necessarily share the position expressed by the authors in the articles and is not responsible for the accuracy of the data, quotations, facts and references provided.

By submitting an article to World History Issues, the author or team of authors ensures that the article is an original work that has not been published or published in another edition. They also ensure that opinions and ideas that are not owned by the authors themselves are accompanied by appropriate references and / or quotations. The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject materials that do not meet the editorial requirements, have a low scientific level, have not undergone internal and external peer review, and also violate the ethics of the scientist.

  1. In a separate file: author’s information: full last name, middle name and first name, degree, academic status, employer/school, post, business and residence addresses (postcode included). Cell phone number and e-mail. File name: author’s last name – latinized (e.g. ivanov.doc). File name (author’s information) – latinized (e.g. ivanov_avtor.doc).
  2. Additional requirements:
  3. 1. References shall be put in brackets. E.g.: [1, p. 54], 1 – source number, 54 – page number; [7, q. 67], 7 – archive number, 67 – archive issue page number. “Ibid.” is not allowed.
    2. Items in the list of references are drawn up not in alphabetical order, but according to how they appear in the text.
    3. Archive sources shall meet the Department of Education requirements.