Specific Assistance of Western Countries to Ukraine in the War with the Russian Federation

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The article examines the peculiarities of the support of Ukraine by the leading states of the transatlantic region in the war with the Russian Federation. It is noted that the largest support for Ukraine since the full-scale invasion of Russian troops is provided by the USA, as well as EU countries, in particular Germany, France, Italy, etc. The aid provided to Ukraine by Great Britain, which is able to act faster and more actively outside the EU structure, is highlighted separately. It is also emphasized that the sufficiently intensive assistance of the Scandinavian countries, which to one degree or another, both independently and in coalition with each other and other European countries, join joint efforts in opposing democracy to dictatorship.

It is noted that at the end of the second year of the war between Ukraine and the Russian Federation, certain questions arise regarding the further support of Ukraine by partners – how certain priorities change in accordance with the domestic political situation in a certain country. It is noted that despite the diversity of opinions regarding further assistance to Ukraine, the statements of the leaders of the countries, their real steps in the formation of security policies aimed at strengthening their defense capabilities, including the deepening of defense cooperation with Ukraine, give grounds to talk about the long-term perspective of their support of the Ukrainian state. The thesis that the current transformation of the international order depends on how and how decisively the Western countries will show themselves in such a destabilization path, how consolidated will be their actions to protect democratic values in contrast to growing authoritarianism, is indisputable, because the war in Ukraine is only one of manifestations of this global confrontation.


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Lakishyk, D. (2023) “Specific Assistance of Western Countries to Ukraine in the War with the Russian Federation”, Problems of World History, (23), pp. 83–93. doi: 10.46869/2707-6776-2023-23-4.
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D. Lakishyk

Lakishyk Dmytro – Ph.D. in History, Senior Research Fellow, Leading Research Fellow of the State Institution “Institute of World History of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine”


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