Experience of Fighting against Separatism in Great Britain

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Separatism in Great Britain is one of the biggest problems. It is closely connected with the building of the British Empire and continues to exist as a cause of it disintegration. Home and international
causes of separatism in Great Britain are detected in this article. One concerns home affairs and deals with the processes of separation of Northern Ireland and Scotland from Britain. The other lies in the
sphere of international affairs and deals with the exit of Great Britain from European Union. The background of these processes has been analyzed and was proved that military actions have not been
successful. The best way is the three parts negotiations and compromises from the metropolitan state. It was exposed that to solve issues of international affairs such as separation of Great Britain from EU
at the same time with separatism movements at home gives the latters the opportunity to leave metropolis and gain independence.


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Zernetska, O. (2018) “Experience of Fighting against Separatism in Great Britain”, Problems of World History, (6), pp. 132–144. doi: 10.46869/2707-6776-2018-6-10.
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O. Zernetska

Zernetska Olga – Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Global and Civilization Processes of the State Institution “Institute of World History of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine”


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