Ukrainian-US Relations in the Context of U.S. Foreign Policy Priorities

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After Donald Trump was elected as the American president, significant changes were observed in the Ukrainian-American relations. These especially included the lifting of embargo on lethal arms supply and the resumption of meetings of the Ukraine-US Strategic Partnership Commission. Contrary to D. Trump’s desire to conclude a U.S. - Russia “Big Deal”, Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. Congress held a bipartisan position on Ukraine supporting the expansion of sanctions on various occasions – from the on-going conflict in Donbas and Russian attempts to influence the 2016 election campaign to imposing obstacles for the supply of Russian weapons to the third countries. Assessments of American academic and political experts do not give reason to believe that the U.S. political circles are ready to move from remote support of Ukraine in the mood of long-term deterrence doctrine to intensive forms of military and military-political participation. Acknowledging Russia’s rejection of the post-Cold War Euro-Atlantic security order, American observers are inclined to suppose that the conflict in Donbas is unlikely to be finally settled. In case of its freezing, this conflict will pose potential or acute threats to the economy and security of Ukraine. Within such a trend Ukraine will play the role of one of the major subjects of long-term tensions and discord in economic and military relations between Russia and the West. 


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Tolstov, S. (2019) “Ukrainian-US Relations in the Context of U.S. Foreign Policy Priorities”, Problems of World History, (7), pp. 117-143. doi: 10.46869/2707-6776-2019-7-9.

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S. Tolstov

Tolstov Sergiy – Ph.D. in History, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Transatlantic Research of the State Institution “Institute of World History of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine”.


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